Meet the Staff

Mrs. Terri Raciti

Headmistress and

Teacher of Latin, Rhetoric, Literature,

HS Religion, Pre-Algebra, and Music

Mrs. Nadia Maczaj

Teacher of Middle School 

and Upper Elementary History and Geography

Mrs. Gabriele Murphy

Teacher of Astronomy, Geometry, Art and Technology

Mrs. Lee Herrera

Teacher of Secondary, Latin and Secondary Mathematics

Mrs. Marisol Morales

Teacher of Little Flowers Grades  1-4

Mr. Soren Saenz

Teacher of Science, Logic, Latin

Miss Sara Ann Raciti

Teacher of Music, Drama, Creative Writing, Little Flower Learners and Harp

Mrs. Carlise Azmitia

Teacher of Voice, Choir, Photography and Art

Mrs. Dorey Houle

Teacher of American Sign Language 

Mrs. Helen Zeman

Little Flower Learners Assistant

Ms. Marie De Marmels

Teacher of Sewing and Life Skills

Mrs. Miriam Muse

Teacher of Religion and Science

Kaylee Morales

Teacher of Drama and Piano